MAFOBA is a non-profit association (NGO) initiated in 2015 by Burundian girls and women and approved by the Ministry of the Interior, patriotic training and communal development by ministerial order

MAFOBA is a Non-governmental organization (NGO) that works for the promotion of socioeconomic rights, peace, leadership, integration, socio-economic reintegration and social cohesion of essentially rural communities. Our target group is particularly women and girls in rural areas, victims of social inequalities and sexual and gender-based violence (VSBG).

MAFOBA is structured in the following manner :

1. A General Assembly (GA),

2. A Supervisory Committee (SC),

3. A Board of Directors (CA) and an executive Secretariat

The board is made up of six members
to know;

  • A Chairperson,
  • a vice-president,
  • a financial adviser (Treasurer),
  • a gender adviser,
  • a campaign mobilization expert
  • and the Executive Secretary, sitting without
  • voice Deliberative.